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Scaling Impact

“How do we make a greater impact?” is one of the constant strategic questions facing leaders of all sectors.  What is your first response? Often times, our natural direction is to focus on adding resources (more people, more partners, more funding) to expand the same way your organization makes an impact today.  Unfortunately, achieving sustainable, [...]

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Our last post focused on being ready for collaboration. But what does it mean to collaborate, really? For insights, we turned to a google search: col·lab·o·rate kəˈlabəˌrāt/ verb work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something. "he collaborated with a distinguished painter on the designs" "they collaborated on the project" cooperate traitorously [...]


Collaboration Readiness

Most of us are working to overcome issues larger than our own capacity (often, exponentially larger). Collaboration is often a must for making real change possible. What is your organization’s collaboration readiness? Are you a collaborative expert in an amoeba-like organization – ready to adapt and shift at a moment’s notice? If so, you are [...]

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Strategy screen

How often have you faced decisions with multiple options as a team and struggled to move forward? Each option is different, with a unique mix of opportunity. Making things more difficult, each team member brings a unique perspective, and values, to their decision-making. These differences may (often) lead to different preferences. So how do you [...]

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Big Questions

What are the worries, fears, opportunities, or challenges that make you lose sleep? How do you resolve them? In traditional planning, a common path to responding is to set goals. These may be big hairy audacious goals, SMART goals, even plain old regular goals. Setting goals moves your organization into the future. Although important, it [...]

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Improving Team Decision Making

Some problems have no easy or clear solutions. Addressing inequities or disparities in communities, entrenched poverty, and other wicked problems requires a different approach to making decisions. How can groups improve team decision making to move beyond the obvious and familiar? Before we get started, let's set some expectations – we don’t have the answer [...]

Improving Team Decision Making2017-05-28T16:04:07+00:00

Creating Team Alliances for Compelling Conversation

Have you been part of a conversation where you’ve lost all sense of time because the discussion was so engaging? Conversation so compelling you won’t leave to refill the hummus bowl for your table’s vegetable spread? (life lesson: always bring more hummus and always keep it within arm’s reach).  What made those conversations so interesting? [...]

Creating Team Alliances for Compelling Conversation2017-05-28T16:04:07+00:00

Better Board Meetings

You’ve done a lot of work to put together a talented, passionate Board of Directors for your nonprofit organization. You are feeling optimistic about what you can accomplish, and about how you can further your mission and realize your vision. Now it’s time for…..a meeting. Few events stop change in its tracks faster than bad [...]

Better Board Meetings2017-05-28T16:04:07+00:00
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