At Sort Sol Group, we engage social sector, business, education, government, and philanthropic leaders to be a collective force for community change.

Service Areas

We bring tools, ideas, conversations, and processes that result in more effective leaders, organizations, and initiatives driving greater community impact.

The Flock

We do better, together. The Flock is a network of partners with shared values for positive community change.

Creating Impact Together

Change can be taught using theory, but impact takes action. We invite cross-sector cohorts to learn new tools, concepts, and frameworks to approach making community change and impact.

Latest From the Blog

Financial fitness

What is your organization’s financial fitness? Are you ready for the gauntlet of uncertain grant timing, seasonal activity, capital reinvestment, and unexpected changes?  (By the way, that leaky roof, it [...]

Impact Directions

Last week we defined scale and impact, this week we focus on the possible routes and impact directions. Before you move forward, it bears repeating to keep your focus on [...]

Scaling Impact

“How do we make a greater impact?” is one of the constant strategic questions facing leaders of all sectors.  What is your first response? Often times, our natural direction is [...]